Each study on the left has an easy-to-follow color-coded presentation to help you discover the truth about SDA "truth"

SDA "Truth"

Presents the SDA understanding of the subject

Problems with SDA "Truth"

Demonstrates how the SDA teaching contradicts the Bible and/or historical facts

The Bible Truth

Presents the Biblical truth about the subject

Your Questions Answered

Provides answers to common questions

For Deeper Study

Links to study the subject in more depth


Help on the SDA Truth Challenge

Are you ready to accept the Challenge?

Please click on one of the 12 studies below to begin your journey.

1. Three Angels' Messages
2. Identity of the Remnant
3. Tithing
4. Investigative Judgment
5. Sanctuary and Dan. 8:14
6. 2300 days and 1844
7. Sabbath as Seal of God
8. Mark of the Beast
9. The Millennium
10. Ellen G. White
11. Vegetarianism
12. Dangers!



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