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  White Out, 3rd edition

White Out, 3rd edition by Dirk Anderson, 2010
Finally, a fully documented book that exposes the secrets surrounding the disappearance of Mrs. White's errant writings! Have you ever wondered why the following have strangely vanished from her writings...

200 Pages

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More than a Profit, Less than a Prophet

Seventh-day Adventists have long claimed to be the one and only remnant church of Bible Prophecy. They teach that one of the identifying marks of the true remnant church of Revelation is the presence of the Spirit of Prophecy. They teach this gift was manifested in the life and teachings of Ellen White.

This book shatters the myths about Ellen White, revealing where she obtained her health message and how she used her writings to amass a fortune. It shows how she publicly forbid others from eating meat, and from drinking tea and alcohol, while secretly she did the opposite. Likewise, the leaders of today's Adventist institutions pay homage to Ellen White with their lips while they quietly plot a course contrary to her divine instructions.

193 Pages

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National Sunday Law: Fact or Fiction?

The National Sunday Law. It is the ultimate conspiracy. As the story goes, wicked Christian leaders unite in a fiendish plot to murder all the Seventh-day Adventists who refuse to join them in worshipping on Sunday. Just in the nick of time, Jesus returns to save the holy Adventists and rain brimstone down upon the evil Sunday-keeping Christians.

Sound like a bizarre piece of fiction? Amazingly enough, there are those who claim this scenario came from Bible prophecy! Does the Bible really teach this treacherous conspiracy? Or is it a cunning deception hatched by a group with their own agenda and foisted upon unsuspecting Christians to coerce them to join God's true remnant church?

105 Pages

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Prophet or Pretender?

Jesus never promised a true prophet would appear in the last days. Instead, He said false prophets would arise who would deceive, if possible, the very elect. Was Ellen G. White a true prophet or a pretender?

This book compares the life and teachings of Seventh-day Adventist prophet Ellen G. White with the seven Biblical tests of a prophet. Examine the evidence and judge for yourself.

79 Pages
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The Fake Controversy

It has been extolled as "God's final message to the world" and the "truth for the end of time". The author, Ellen G. White, prophetess of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, claimed divine aid in writing the book.

Is this book, like the Bible, a divinely inspired writing, the product of visions and angelic communications? Or is it a cleverly disguised fraud, pieced together from the writings of others, contradicting both the Bible and known historical facts? Does the Great Controversy paint an accurate picture of history? Or does it rewrite history, slant the facts, and blur reality in order to promote a group's hidden agenda?

Beware! The answers may blow your mind!

234 Pages

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