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Hello friends, this is Brother Anderson, and I was a member of the SDA sect for 33 years. In 1998, I founded the Ellen White Research Project to share with people the truth I discovered about Ellen White. Since then, over two million visitors have also had the joy of discovering the truth about Mrs. White.

Of the 100,000+ e-mail's I have received over the last decade, one subject kept coming up over and over again, and I would paraphrase it as follows:

"Brother Anderson, I'll admit Ellen White failed the tests of a prophet, but what is wrong with SDA doctrines? They are, after all, based upon the Bible!"

In 1997, while still an SDA, I was challenged to compare SDA truths against Bible truths. As a result of that study, I knew some SDA doctrines collapsed under the weight of Biblical evidence. However, I wanted to be diligent and leave no stone unturned so that I would not mislead anyone. So, I spent the entire year of 2007 going back and carefully re-examining Seventh-day Adventist doctrines in depth, comparing them against the Bible. I have synthesized the information I discovered into twelve easy-to-understand studies. These studies expose how Adventist Truth is different from Bible Truth. If you are an SDA or are thinking of becoming an SDA I challenge you to examine your faith to see if it stands on a solid Biblical foundation.

No Church is Above Criticism

The SDA Church has many positive attributes. I appreciate their emphasis on health reform, their teaching that hell does not burn forever, their emphasis on Sabbath rest, and their dedication to their unique beliefs. Adventists have accomplished plenty of good through their health and educational institutions. I have no doubt that God uses the SDA sect just as He works in some measure through all the various denominations to accomplish His mission of love and salvation. Despite all my positive feelings for Adventism, no church is above criticism. (In fact, for many years the SDA Church has actively criticized Roman Catholicism and Sunday-keeping Protestants for various reasons.) Criticism can be painful, but it challenges us, and causes us to examine our beliefs closer. My utmost desire is for the SDA sect to reform, to bring its doctrines more in line with the Bible, so that it can be an even better instrument in God's hands.

I was forced to leave the SDA sect because my conscience would not permit me to stay in a sect that taught things that were not based upon the weight of Biblical evidence. Many others leave the SDA sect for the same reason. I believe the SDA sect would be more prosperous and more of a light to this world if they would discard all teachings not founded upon solid Biblical evidence, and instead focus on taking the gospel message to all the world. That is why this web site is here: To help individuals understand how Bible Truth is different from SDA Truth, and to agitate for reform in the SDA system.

I look forward to the day when Seventh-day Adventism renounces its past and joins whole-heartedly with the Christian community in teaching doctrines based upon solid Biblical evidence. On that day I will close down this web site and join with them in full fellowship. I hope and believe that day will come soon. But until then, I am compelled to speak the truth in love.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to presenting the evidence in an honest and fair manner. If you believe we have misrepresented either side of the issue on any of our web pages, or if you believe we have stated any evidence inaccurately or out-of-context then you may contact us. However, because of the volume of e-mail we have received from SDA pastors and lay people containing profanity, abusive language, death threats, etc., please be advised your e-mail may be deleted before it reaches us. (Be advised all death threats are reported to Homeland Security and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.) Therefore, please phrase your e-mail in a Christian manner. Click here to contact us. Thank-you.

Brother Anderson

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"I hate every false way." (Psalms 119:104)

"Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?" (Jeremiah 23:29)


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